Ghost Particles Detected on Far Side of Earth Bolsters Crucial Physics Theory

If we’re ever going to truly understand how our Universe works, we’ll need to take lots of different measurements, but measuring can be one of science’s most difficult tasks. How, for example, do scientists measure an invisible thing that passes directly through solid matter without stopping? The inventions scientists…

The Most Absurd Transformers Crossover Ever, and More Toys We're Thankful for This Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9's weekly roundup of the coolest toys we’ll inevitably be spending all our hard earned money on by next Black Friday. We’ve got adorable Lego Justice League members, swanky Star Wars guards, and the most ridiculous four-wheeler any kid could want. Come take a look!

Tom Baker's Message For Doctor Who's Anniversary Is a Perfect Reminder of How Delightful Tom Baker Is

Today is not just Thanksgiving in America, but also Doctor Who’s 54th anniversary. That means while the U.S. has spent its day cramming Turkey into its collective self, well wishes of many happy returns have been sent to one of the U.K.’s most venerable scifi shows. Naturally, Tom Baker’s the best, by the virtue of…