Hot Toys' Last Jedi Luke Skywalker Figure Is Legitimately Intimidating the Hell Out of Me

There’s always been a unsettlng realness to Hot Toys’ absurdly detailed figures. The absurdity of seeing such a lifelike visage in such a small scale is disconcerting. But then there’s the times when such visages aren’t just wildly lifelike, but also boring their tiny little plastic eyes into your very soul.

An Infamous Creepypasta That Explored The Dark Side Of Pokémon Fandom

By now finding a “haunted” cartridge is a scary video game story cliche, but one series in sells the tale better than the rest. Pokémon’s piracy problem, coupled with fan’s’ hunger to see a mature monster-collecting game allowed “Pokémon Black” to become one of the most famous Pokémon creepypasta to ever dwell on the…


Death, Destruction, and a Trio of Iconic X-Men Villains Make for The Gifted's Strongest Episode Yet

The Gifted’s ability to shy away from the melodrama and bombast of other live-action comic book adaptations in favor of a more grounded, realistic dystopia is a big part of what’s made it so strong, if a bit narratively staid. In its mid-season finale, though, The Gifted finally decided to up the ante with a major…