The Gifted Just Remembered That Its Two Most Important Characters Are Also Its Least Interesting

Over the past few weeks, The Gifted’s done an excellent job juggling the various storylines that tie its sprawling ensemble cast of characters together while giving nearly all on them the time and space to grow. As its first season begins to draw to a close, though, it’s obvious that The Gifted’s writers took a hard…

Marvel's Adding 'Post-Credits' Scenes to Its Comics, Despite the Fact That's Totally Not How Comics Work

Look, I get it. Marvel Studios popularized the “post-credits” tease that leaves us all sitting in our theater seats a lot longer than we should. Marvel Comics would love that sort of hypemongering and attention focused on their comics, so it makes sense to include some shocking last page reveals. But for the love of…


In Once and Future Queen, Arthurian Legend Gets a Modern Twist—and You Can Read the First Issue, Here for Free

The legend of King Arthur is one that’s been told—and reworked—countless times before. But a new comic from Dark Horse re-imagines it as a journey across time, one that has everything from an LGBTQ romance to portals full of trolls, and even Merlin in a spacesuit. And you can read the first issue right now!