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Meet your new Disney villain obsession

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The stand-out performance in Disney's new Rapunzel princess feature Tangled is Donna Murphy as the evil Mother Gothel, hands down. Watch her little character introduction here, plus get a first listen at the songs "Incantation" and "I See The Light."

As cute as this video clip is, sadly it does not do the insanity of this character justice. And trust us — you'll be humming her "Mother Knows Best" tune for hours after the premiere. Besides the super-charming characters, Tangled also has a pretty spectacular soundtrack. Here are two tracks we stumbled across online, which perfectly demonstrate why we fell in love with this movie. First, you have the magical "Incantation," which gives Rapunzel's hair a magical power when recited. It's short, sweet and repeated so many times it becomes the "Sing Sweet Nightingale" of this movie.

Next is "I See The Light," which is a duet, FINALLY. We were getting tired of karaoking "A Whole New World" every weekend.

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Why do all the female Disney villains have to be brunettes?

bleah. I'm so tired of the "good blue-eyed blond girl." (Yes, I know Rapuzel has to be blonde. The original story mentions that. But why does the evil woman have to look like me?)