2 Amazing Alien Possession Scenes, Involving Kyle MacLachlan and a Fluffy Dog

Alien possession comes in many forms, as this clip from The Hidden 2 proves. There's Kyle MacLachlan, transferring his alien life essence into another man, in a wonderfully tender moment. And then there's the fluffy dog and the tentacle monster.


Last week, we posted a clip from The Hidden, featuring Claudia Christian as a stripper who gets possessed by the alien parasite, and Kyle MacLachlan as the cop (who's possessed by a different sort of alien) chasing after her. The sequel, which I think was direct to DVD, is mostly less exciting than the original. But at least they splice in the great moment from the original where MacLachlan takes down an alien-possessed bigwig, using a flamethrower, plus the hospital scene, which makes for a nice juxtaposition with the dog possession in the new film.

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Platypus Man

I've honestly only seen Kyle MacLachlan relatively recently, but he was pretty good/scary on How I Met Your Mother as The Captain — [www.cbs.com] (might be US only? I don't know).

He looks young in that clip.