Game of Thrones can't possibly live up to THIS fantasy epic

The Ator the Invincible movies hit rock-bottom with Ator IV: Quest for the Mighty Sword. Watch Ator fight conjoined robot twins and a pantomime dragon! (Those robots bash their heads against the wall repeatedly, perhaps because they've seen the rushes.)


You have to love a fantasy movie with robot swordfighting. Although Ator isn't looking quite as studly as he was in the original film, when he was the spitting image of Beastwizard from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. The whole movie is an absolute delight, from the ultra-snarky "acting" by Eric Allan Kramer to the amazing special effects — it's hard to pick just one scene to represent this film, because the whole thing is an amazing spectacle from beginning to end. It's sometimes referred to as Ator III: The Hobgoblin, or just Quest for the Mighty Sword, without the "Ator" part.


Here's another one of our favorite scenes, in which the hobgoblin gives a king who likes to turn people into statues some advice on picking up women:

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Ator needs to do some cardio. He took like 3 hacks at that robot and got so winded he had to take a seat and regain his composure. Then upon his epic battle with lizard who's head seemed to ignite for no reason he again seemed like he was only going at it 30%. Lay off the Marlboro's Ator.