The next step in young-adult fantasy/SF: monthly serialized novels?

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Prose books could become a lot more like comic books, if a new experiment from the author of Incarceron achieves success. Catherine Fisher's next series, Relic Master, is coming out monthly starting in May.


There are four books in the Relic Master series, and they're coming out in May, June, July and August, just when kids have the maximum amount of time on their hands. It looks like these are a reworking of a novel that Fisher published in 1999 in the U.K., which at the time was the first novel in the Book of the Crow series of half a dozen novels.

So what's Relic Master about? From the press release:

Anara is a world mysteriously crumbling to devastation. Nothing is what it seems: Ancient relics emit technologically advanced powers, members of the old Order are hunted by the governing Watch yet revered by the people, and the great energy that connects all seems to also be destroying all. The only hope for the world lies in Galen, a man of the old Order and a Keeper of relics, and his 16-year-old apprentice, Raffi. They know of a secret relic with great power that has been hidden for centuries. As they search for it, they will be hunted, spied on, and tested beyond their limits. For there are monsters – some human, some not – that also want the relic's power and will stop at nothing to get it.

Will a monthly release in a book series be a huge event, or something more akin to New Comics Day? I guess we'll find out this summer.



Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't Huck Finn and Great Expectations published this way? I thought a lot of Dickens work ran serialized in the newspaper before being collected, re-edited and published in book form. Isn't that why there're "abridged" and "unabridged" versions?