Being Human wallows in blood orgy guilt

Ah the self-loathing and deep introspective mirror-gazing that comes after you've just boffed in a pool of vampire blood. Who hasn't been there? Last night Being Human made us all feel guilty for doing the things that feel most natural: Blood orgies, stalking an ex-fiance's new girlfriend, and eating our own excrement.


Can we all collectively breathe a huge sigh of relief that the infernal 80s ghost with the most has passed on? Good riddance. While last week's episode felt woefully unbalanced, I still enjoyed the whole vampire reverse Inception side story, immensely. Last week was all Aidan, and he nailed it intentionally trying to calm the nerves of the mad-as-hell officer by treating him like some sort of minor monster party fowl. Which only allowed the entire mess to snowball into that nasty suicide climax. Well done. The rest of last week, I could have done without - especially when the police pics of the suicide had the victim slumped under a picture of his father, actually making the suicide cheesy (which I didn't even know could be done!). But, moving on - let's talk about what happened last night.


The pacing. I don't know if there was a collective rethink on the director or editor's part but the pace picked up tremendously in this episode, and I thank everyone for that. Even sour jokes didn't seem so terribly off-putting when things kept moving forward. It also helped to slip Sally in with the boys this week. The chemistry between the trio is improving. Maybe it's because the actress is finally finding her place with the wolf and vampire's already-effortless banter technique; maybe it was due to the faster pace. Either way it felt great.


Sex addiction and the vampire. In an earlier interview Witwer confided that they were going to play this particular vampire's blood addiction like that of a sex addict crossed with a heroin junkie. This week we got to see the sex part. Sure it's a little cheesy, but the connection worked. Plus it's fun to watch a couple get hot and bothered about the thing that gets them hot and bothered. I'm also mighty glad that Being Human doesn't feel like it's needlessly tapping into the sexcapes from True Blood - those boys and girls have the niche covered. This bloody vampire bed romp felt like it belonged to this series. Granted, vampires having sex in a pool of blood isn't a wholly original concept, but Aidan's dirt-consciousness and weak will power make for fun viewing. And he looks good with his shirt off, OK? There I said it. Look it's a win-win for everyone really.

NEW PUPPY! Josh got a new friend and the trio got a new puppy. Apparently since Sally had a ghost guru last week, Josh needed a werewolf teacher this week. Sure, why not! I loved the werewolf rule rundown and all that it revealed about Josh eating his own crap while in wolf form. Sure things took a turn for the dramatic when the new werewolf teacher revealed his secret agenda to murder all the vampires in the land, but you gotta admit, when shouted "lets pop some pigs" (UPDATE he may have said ticks which makes more sense) and then punched that gorged vampire in the gut making him pop like a zit, you cheered. Well I did anyway. Gross, but hey it worked! More vampire popping please (less disgusting than the stink sex quips).


The "douche" joke. This word was retired years ago. Enough with calling people douche unless you go full-blown douche funny a la South Park's the Biggest Douche in the Universe gag, which was an actual giant douche and John Edward. What a missed opportunity. Josh was sporting ZUBAZ - these are not douche pants, these are "act like Macho Man for the day" pants. SHEESH. Also it would have been a lot funnier for the trio to keep saying Zubaz over and over again instead of douche. OK maybe I'm being too harsh on the word douche, this was a delightfully timed bit of trio banter and I did laugh at Josh and Sally's back-and-forth, but douche just felt like the easy line. There was a better joke here. I'm starting to worry about the jokes on this show. The zingers have been sliding down hill rapidly. The rhythm just started to turn a corner and now that's being hampered by douche. Ah well, maybe I'm just being a douche about the word douche. All that aside, I'm at peace with the plot and invested enough to see what will happen to Josh and Aidan next week.


As for Sally, she's slowly growing on me. But each character has had a big deep dark past reveal while she's been needlessly pining for her ex-boyfriend for four episodes. ENOUGH ALREADY. True, tonight she moved on and that felt good, really good, for her character. Especially when Danny almost messed all the progress up by showing up at the apartment and calling Sally's name.

Do we think we're done with this storyline? Lord no, and sadly, I'm not looking forward to any more pining. I really hope what happened in the BBC version happens soon, because we're starting to lose interest in Sally's story. All the work she's doing getting in step with the pace is being undone by her plotline. Hopefully the two can find a place to meet in the middle.



Good episode. Having Rebecca back is great. I'm glad Aidan is hiding her from the gang because let's not forget, last time she was there, she murdered Josh's crush. I'm also really interested in what sort of hotel they are staying at because I'm pretty sure if I spilled a gallon of blood on the wall, bed and bathtub I would be kicked out upon housekeeping inspection. Well, that's what happened last time anyways.


Josh and Aidan continue to be a solid duo. Sally is finding her way - she just needs a better story and possibly better jokes. BUT the chemistry between the three is getting better and I'm ready to watch Sally's slow burn boil over already! Which clearly means I'm still hooked.

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Ghost in the Machine

I didn't get the memo that douche had been retired. I still use that word.

Thanks for not spoiling the original. I'm almost tempted to try to watch the British one again even though I didn't think much of it. (Spare me the "OMG the original is the greatest thing ever!" replies because I'm tired of those.)