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Mars Needs Moms rap video is the most terrifying thing you'll hear all day

The new Mars Needs Mom trailer starts with such promise and great zombie banter. Until the rapping starts: "Can't even tell, is that a boy or a girl? They look so nasty, make a robot hurl!" (Cue barfing robot.)


What is happening with this movie? There are aliens, spaceships and cool looking little baby aliens, this should be an easy sell. Just release footage of the baby aliens playing with baby robots or kittens and I'm sold. Why? WHY?

Hopefully we can get this ill-advised foray into hip-hop out of our skulls, because the film itself looks cute. But is there zombie rapping in it? Because that's a deal breaker. It's in theaters March 11th.

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I've never been so embarassed to work on a movie. Well, maybe Mask 2, but that was only a few months and couple shots. This? A year and dozens of shots.


No more 3D, no more family movies.