Mosquitos may already have the means to defeat malaria hidden inside them

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Malaria is still one of the world's deadliest diseases, and the effort to stop it involves everything from lasers to nanotech. New discoveries reveal that the trick to stopping malaria may involve spreading a disease that already lives within mosquitoes.


It turns out that mosquitos have an Enterobacter bacterium living in their midgut — a bacterium that's incredibly hostile to malaria. In its current form, only a couple of parasites need to escape the bacterium in order for the disease to spread. But the mosquitos with the Enterobacter are less likely to carry malaria, as the bacterium targets the parasites when they are in an egg-like state.

This has prompted researchers to develop an Enterobacter-like isolate, called Esp_Z, which is markedly more effective. With more research, a boosted version of this bacterium could be introduced, and hopefully put an end to countless malarial deaths that happen every year.



I appauled this research and everything science does to help lives of billions of people around the world.... however.....

I always wonder.... it's said that about a million or so people die every year because of Malaria... but if those million people don't die because of a cure or whathave you... then that's a million more mouths to feed, a million more homes to build, a million more cars to run, a million more people having children of their own and so on.

There are too many people on this planet as there is. I know this ia prob a shocking thing to say and it might upset people, I don't mean to, but we need nature to control population. It has happened in the past, and we, in the present day are WAY overdue a massive disease pandemic which will kill millions. Case in point, Black Death, Spanish Influenza, Smallpox and so on. If we cure every single harmful disease, or at least the major ones, are we not opening ourselves to nature producing a disease which spreads rapidly, is fatal, no treatmeant or cure, which could kill many times more people than Malaria.

I'm not saying 'Stop Research' but perhaps we should be prepared for major disease outbreaks if diseases like Malaria are 'cured'. During the Swine Flu stage, it became clear that many countries were not prepared for such events, I'm glad it didn't go further than it did, as it gave countires a wake up call they needed.

I dunno.... maybe it's my fear of a zombie outbreak that scares me the most....