Watch 155 seconds of Robin screaming "Holy [Fill in the blank]"

Some intrepid soul has cobbled together a supercut of Burt Ward yelping for two and a half minutes as the Boy Wonder on the 1970s Batman cartoons. And for posterity's sake, here's real-life Burt losing his mind for 143 seconds.


[Via CBM]



Just FYI: Some of these clips appear to be from the Filmmation cartoons of the '70s, in which case that's original Boy Wonder Burt Ward, not Casey Kasem, who voiced Robin on the original Filmmation Batman cartoons from the '60s and Hanna-Barbera's Super-Friends.

I know they sound alike (and the animation is uniformly crappy), but the general rule is that if you see Bat-Mite, it's Ward.