Steven Spielberg announces Jurassic Park 4 "in the next two or three years"

Illustration for article titled Steven Spielberg announces emJurassic Park 4/em in the next two or three years

One of the most exciting announcements at Comic-Con today? Steven Spielberg said that a fourth chapter of his famous dinosaur epic Jurassic Park is finally in the works.

Said Spielberg during the Tintin panel:

We have a story. We have a writer who is writing the treatment and hopefully we are going to make Jurassic Park 4 in all of our foreseeable futures, hopefully in the next two or three years.


[E! Online]

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I am an anomaly, in that I think JP3 is the best, and the first two missed the boat entirely on what their potential could've been. The third finally figured it out - that it's about dinosaurs chasing and eating people, and not about some emotionally stunted scientist figuring out how to relate to children, or about an idiot girl who saves the day using gymnastics.