In this 1995 MTV News report, Newt Gingrich defends internet porn

We've seen pundits on The Today Show be perplexed by that wacky world wide web fad — now check out Coolio weigh in on the CB radio of the future! Listen to that soundtrack! Better than Ezra! And at last, a twirling image of R2-D2!


[Via Nerdcore]

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But was it worth killing record stores, magazine shops, bookstores, video rental stores, antique shops, comic book stores (face it, they're moribund), the mailed personal letter, mail stores, magazines and newspapers?

Was it worth losing these places of local expert/aficionados, debate over pop culture, and serendipitous friendship? Was it worth spending all day - both work and play - in front of a frigging computer?

I suppose that it was.