Jango Fett attended a prom in New Zealand

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Here's a cute story about bounty hunters and school dances. When New Zealand actor Temuera Morrison (Jango Fett, Abin Sur in Green Lantern) was asked by his niece to attend a Star Wars-themed school ball in the city of Rotorua, he made a guest appearance. In other news, a school held a Star Wars prom!


Explains The New Zealand Herald:

Morrison [...] was asked to go to the Western Heights ball on Friday by his niece Ngatai Bennett, a student there.

She thought it would be "really cool" for her uncle to go, given the night was themed around a movie he had starred in.

Ngatai told only a few people, as she wanted it to be a surprise for everyone on the night. Morrison presented awards for best dressed ballgoers and ball king and queen.

I'm guessing he wasn't in his body armor, but that's still pretty adorable. Lucky kids! All I got at my prom was the guy under the Hammerhead mask and an Ugnaught who had obviously been drinking in the parking lot.

Hat tip to Leisa!



To bad that he... lost his head.