The rise and fall of ammonites, Cthulhuian creatures who once ruled the seas

In this interview with American Museum of Natural History paleontologist Neil Landman, you'll learn about the ammonites, incredible, ancient creatures who looked like a cross between squid and snail — and once ruled the seas in massive numbers, until they were finally wiped out by the same catastrophe that destroyed the dinosaurs. Landman shows us amazing ammonite fossils and shows off his rare specimen of a giant squid jaw.

He also takes us to see the CT scanner that he and his colleagues at the museum use to learn more about the structure of fossils without damaging them in any way. If you love fossils and paleontology, this is a must-see interview.

Neil Landman is a curator in the Paleontology department at AMNH. This interview was conducted by Gaby Darbyshire, and directed by Matt Toder. Many thanks to the AMNH. Look for our other videos in the Hardcore Science Interview series, and visit the AMNH to see their latest exhibitions.

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So when are we going to see the next interview discussing their cousins?