Watch Jennifer Lawrence endure 7 hours of half-naked agony for X-Men: First Class makeup tests

Watch as the lovely Jennifer Lawrence is transformed into the scaly blue mutant Mystique, in this exclusive behind-the-scenes video from X-Men: First Class.


In this sneak peek from the special features included inside the movie's DVD and Blu-ray release, you can watch a team of 6 make-up artists airbrush on the scaly blue sheath that is Mystique's very thin costume. We have a hard time imagining standing still for seven hours, only to work a full day on set directly afterwards. Still, we'd argue it was worth it, Raven's the young blue hide in this 1960s mutant period piece was spectacular.

The DVD for X-Men: First Class will be out on Blu-ray and DVD on Friday, September 9th.

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This seems like a lot of work to go through just for an excuse to have a beautiful actress basically naked. The Mistique of my childhood comic collection always had clothing on. Sure, she had blue skin, red-orange hair and yellow eyes, and sure her outfits were skimpy, but the nudity didn't show up until Rebecca Romijn in the movies and it seemed genuinely unnecessary.

I mean on a philosophical level, I realize that it's also supposed to be about Mistique being who she really is, but my wearing clothing doesn't hide who I really am. That's right, oi9: I wear clothing. So long as her skin was blue and her eyes were yellow, thus demonstrating physically that she's a mutant, there's really no reason for her to be nude other than a cheap attempt at gawking and to make the character an object. Considering they went with a good actress this time and had real character development, unlike the older version from the earlier movies, it seems a bad decision.

It's like putting Seven of Nine in a catsuit.