Terminator 5 might resurrect an iconic character. Plus the Game of Thrones writers preview the new season two cast!

Illustration for article titled emTerminator 5/em might resurrect an iconic character. Plus the emGame of Thrones/em writers preview the new season two cast!
Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

David Fincher's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea will focus on three particular characters from Jules Verne's novel. Doctor Who's Steven Moffat explains why the Doctor's past is catching up to him. Plus new set photos from The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises!


Spoilers from here on out!

Top image from The Dark Knight Rises.

The Avengers

Here are some set photos from the courthouse in which the final bit of Cleveland filming is taking place. The scene reportedly involves a fight between Loki and one of the heroes. There are some more set photos included featuring our first look at Iron Man - or, at least, some pieces of armor and a motion capture suit. You can also check out the links for additional set videos. [Superhero Hype and Comic Book Movie]


According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the courthouse scene will be a ball with lots of people in formal wear, which - like every ball in every action movie ever - will be rudely interrupted by the unexpected appearance of the bad guys. [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

The Dark Knight Rises

Here are some photos of Morgan Freeman at the Los Angeles set. [Comic Book Movie]

The Hunger Games

Here's an image taken from an apparent tie-in viral website. It's unclear what exactly it is - one possibility is that it's a map of the arena, but that's far from confirmed. [/Film]


Real Steel

Illustration for article titled emTerminator 5/em might resurrect an iconic character. Plus the emGame of Thrones/em writers preview the new season two cast!

Here's a poster. [IGN]

World War Z

One scene recently filmed in Glasgow - which is doubling for Philadelphia in the movie - features a massive sequence with over 700 extras, both humans and zombies. The scene was apparently pure pandemonium, with many extras suffering minor injuries (and in one case being nearly trampled to death, if not for the timely intervention of star Brad Pitt). [New York Daily News]


Terminator 5

Fast Five director Justin Lin suggests he's thinking of bringing back Sarah Connor:

L: I mean, Sarah Connor is such a big part of the franchise, you know. Yeah, I mean I've always been surprised how in part 3 she was just like… It was like one line and she was gone.

She was dead, yeah, yeah. It was insulting, yeah.
Yeah, like leukemia and… But I think the great thing about this franchise is you have… You can actually have different canons because you have the element of time travel. So, there's a way of kind of respecting all the works but also able to create a new time line.

That's right. You can go back and right the wrongs.



The newly announced project stars Avatar's Zoe Saldana and is all about the wacky adventures of a Jem'Hadar and a Vorta sharing an apartment a supernatural thriller in which Saldana plays a character who is a half-human, half-angel hybrid. Not much more is known, except it's based on a pitch by writers Dean McCreary and Chester Hastings, whose upcoming films include You're My Angel and Fanboy. [The Hollywood Reporter]


20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Writer Scott Z. Burns, who is working on the adaptation of Jules Verne's novel with Fight Club and The Social Network director David Fincher, explains the film is inspired by the book but will take very little directly from it, though he does feel confident it will remain true to the spirit of the original book. The main thing he is focusing on is the relationship between Captain Nemo, marine biologist Pierre Aronnax, and harpoonist Ned Land, and he says that he and Fincher have "a very cool idea" for the characters' relationship. [CinemaBlend]


G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Here are some set photos from the start of filming. [SpoilerTV]

Underworld Awakening


Here's a poster. [ComingSoon.net]

Doctor Who

Steven Moffat explains the Doctor's arc this series:

I think there's just some weird thing that happens with a character like the Doctor. When you bring him back in 2005, he's the lone drifter that no one's ever heard of, but gradually and inevitably, he becomes the greatest hero in the universe. He can stand up in the center of Stonehenge and say, "Come on, do you think you're hard enough?"

And what does the man who just wants to be a drifter, who just wants to just knock around a bit, think about that? And I think within the mad, mad, mad world of 'Doctor Who,' it's not an incredible development that, of course, the Daleks would be sort of wetting themselves when he turns up. Of course, he'd become a legend. Of course, all of those things would be happening. But why would he be comfortable with that? And you know, he actually abuses this to some degree in [the mid-season finale] 'A Good Man Goes to War,' he abuses the power of it and starts calling in favors and it doesn't work out for him. So that's interesting.


He also uses a rather interesting way to define the Doctor's relationship with Amy and Rory as he explains why the Doctor keeps them around:

Well, I think he likes young people around. He's like them. Obviously the Doctor is old, but that's thinking in human terms. In his terms maybe he's really quite young. I think what we're playing with is [his] concern that he should have been gone before the wedding. It's a little bit worrying. He's getting involved in their real lives and he never, ever, ever intended to. He tends to be the last fling before the altar and here he is, you know, with in-laws [laughs].


There's a lot more at the link. [AOL TV]

Torchwood: Miracle Day

Here's a sneak peek for the next episode, "The Gathering."


Executive producer Jeff Pinkner says the show will continue to explore the past and future, albeit ones greatly changed by Peter's non-existence:

"The future that we saw in 2026 will now not have happened, because by altering the past, inevitably you set in motion a new chain of events that lead to a different future. There will definitely be [flashback] episodes, but the past would be different as well because Peter wasn't a part of it, but he would be in the future."


[TV Guide]

Game of Thrones

Executive producer David Benioff discusses what the newly cast Hannah Murray brings to the part of Gilly:

Hannah brings a wonderfully damaged quality to Gilly-the character is a bit like one of those girls who is kidnapped and abused for years, and brainwashed by her captor into thinking he's a prophet and a righteous man. Hannah understands that intuitively; her Gilly is also lovable and fetching and sympathetic.


He also discusses Carice Van Houten's tricky task as Melisandre:

Melisandre is a tricky role, and very few actresses have all the attributes required. Drop-dead gorgeous? Check. Charismatic and fiercely intelligent? Check. Able to convey a sinister, menacing presence without going over-the-top villainess? Check. In Carice's hands, Mel is like Lady Macbeth and the three witches rolled into one.


Weiss and Benioff also offer a rundown of various other new additions:

Weiss: Gwendoline Christie is fantastic [as Brienne]. She so perfectly embodies the kind of wounded strength the character requires. And she's been training. She will kick your ass.
Benioff: We've already shot many of the Yara-Theon scenes, and I'm happy to report that Gemma [Whelan] and Alfie [Allen] make an insanely good pair of siblings. We could make a whole series about the Greyjoys. Speaking of which, we're negotiating with HBO Family on a Gilly Loves Samwell sitcom. Tom Wlaschiha is a deeply compelling Jaqen [H'ghar]. Carice and Stephen Dillane-watching the two of them together is like watching a master class in acting. Liam Cunningham brings humanity and wit to one of our favorite roles, Davos Seaworth. We haven't shot anything yet with Roose [Bolton], but we know Michael McElhatton will be superb. And he's got the palest eyes of anyone I know.


Finally, they offer some things to look out for in season two:

Benioff: For Tyrion fans (and really, who isn't a Tyrion fan?), season two sees the Imp in fine form, serving as hand of the king and trying to make the best of the chaos in King's Landing. The Stark children struggle for survival, now that Ned's not around to protect them. And Daenerys Stormborn finds that life in the big city isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Weiss: And Theon. People are really going to like Theon, I think. He makes some bold moves.
Benioff: Right, and Hodor gets his big monologue. Shakespeare, watch your back.


[The Daily Beast]

True Blood

Here's a promo for the finale, "And When I Die."

The Walking Dead

New showrunner Glenn Mazzara explains what the show will be doing with the journey to Herschel's Farm:

What's been surprising is that in the graphic novel the story that takes place on Hershel's farm is really only a few issues. We've been able to mine that for many episodes, and we're very excited about the depth to which we're able to push the characters, the different dynamics that we're able to explore.

What particularly surprised you about this material?
Our approach to our group of survivors when they reach Hershel's farm is that they are a plague unto themselves. Nothing goes right for Hershel once Rick and his band show up. They make the zombie apocalypse look like kids in a candy story. What's interesting is that if this was a show solely about Hershel, Rick and his band would really be the antagonists. And that's been really surprising because every action that Rick and his band take is completely logical, but you'll certainly sympathize with Hershel.


Mazzara also says he can't wait to bring the Governor onto the show, and that there's a scene in the fourth episode that will make fans very happy. [AMC TV]

Under the Dome

Showtime is reportedly developing Stephen King's 2009 novel about "locals at a Maine vacation spot who battle one another when a force field suddenly surrounds their town and cuts them off from the rest of the world" as a potential series. [Deadline]



Mark Hamill explains his upcoming guest appearance as a villain, making it sound as though he won't have an extended role on the show:

I thought that since it was sort of a cameo that it'd be nice to keep it secret...I'm only in one scene. It's a dream come true because not only is it a really delightful show, but the scene I'm in is like a James Bond scene. I've seen these spy things before, but I never thought I'd be a part of one. I'm playing this arch-villain holding these two young people hostage, forcing them to jump off a cliff. It's wonderful. I had a great time.



Terra Nova

Here's a promo.

Here's a video featuring production designer Joseph Hodges.


Pirates of the Caribbean actor Kevin McNally has reportedly been cast as Frank Devereaux,a "mad computer genius" and "old 'friend' of Bobby's, who helps the Winchesters out of a jam... reluctantly." [Zap2It]


em>90210 actor Jason Patrick Stewart will reportedly play a new villain named Richard Roman. Executive producer Sera Gamble explains, indirectly confirming Mark Sheppard's return as Crowley:

"Richard is a very canny, charming, well-connected new adversary. When we first meet him, Crowley has sought him out specifically to join forces with him to pursue common interests. Put it this way: Crowley doesn't bring a muffin basket to just anyone."



Here's a pair of set videos.

Warehouse 13

Here are some promo photos for episode nine, "Shadows." [SpoilerTV]


Here's a promo for the next episode, "One Small Step."


Here's a promo and sneak peek for episode eight, "Friend or Faux."

Additional reporting by Mandy Curtis and Charlie Jane Anders.


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Every time I hear someone talk about a new Terminator movie, I remember The Sarah Connor Chronicles was cancelled. Unless the movie is highly-praised by critics as being on the level of Terminator 2, I don't care anymore about the franchise.

I know I sound like a sad, pitiful little fanboy nerd whining, but I'm not really being all emotional or anything. I seriously just lost interest in the franchise after the show ended; it was extremely good, whereas the newest movie was just crap.