Watch Salvador Dalí's fake documentary about the quest for hallucinogenic mushrooms

In 1976, one-time Dune actor Salvador Dalí starred in the surrealist documentary Impressions de la haute Mongolie (Impressions of Upper Mongolia), a travelogue of his mission to Mongolia to find a particular fungal hallucinogen.


Along the way, there's a lot of mustache-waggling, yelling at portraits of Hitler, jarring close-ups of insects, and other eccentric what-have-you. You can view the rest here (2, 3, 4, 5). Also see Destino, Dalí's collaboration with Walt Disney.

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It seems to be somewhere on sharing sites touting Rapid-ity,

It is much different from "Un Chien andalou", for starters it's directed by Dali and Bunuel has no part in it. And the landscapes explored are the body of a fountain filmed with a macroscopic camera. It's more about illusion and telling a story with abstract shapes.

The opening, from the pond to [... Surprise ! ]

A true underground cultish movie.