The Jonny Quest opening credits, recreated with action figures

As a tribute to that certain boy adventurer who was always in mortal peril, Roger Evans has recreated the credits to Jonny Quest with patience and plastic. You can see how he reproduced each stop-motion shot here.

[Via Reddit]

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Truly inspired work. One of my favorite cartoons when I was a kid in the 60s, and I own the DVD set.

I can remember a column in an old Dark Horse comic where the editor was talking about series creator Doug Wildey's death (a comic artist/writer who was the inspiration for Peevy in The Rocketeer comic), and he REALLY loathed that damn dog. Essentially Hanna/Barbera wanted the dog in there for comic relief, but Wildey's original concept didn't have the dog.

Still pisses me off that Wildey's name was taken out of the credits in the DVDs (could have sworn they were there in the original showings). He was a classic.