Will everyone die in Daniel Craig's Dream House? Fingers Crossed!

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz have a problem: Their house is haunted, or the murderer from I Know What You Did Last Summer wants to kill them. We're not sure. Either way these clips from the horror flick Dream House are trying their damndest to be scary. So, are they?

Jim Sheridan's Dream House pulls from the traditional horror story plot pool — a family moves into a home, unaware a brutal murder has been committed there, only to find out when it's too late. But what of the creepy children, shadowy figure in the bushes, or the local ruffians who know how to spray paint backwards messages? Creepy, or missing the mark? We're not sure yet. Even though we love Craig and Weisz, we're not sure what to think of Dream House. Jump scares ahead!

Dream House hits theaters this Friday, Sept. 30th.

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Weird that Daniel Craig gets to keep his British accent but Rachel Weiez does not.