What happens to a whale after it dies, as told by puppets

When a whale kicks the bucket, all that blubber has to go somewhere. This absolutely gorgeous short film by Sharon Shattuck and Flora Lichtman depicts what happens to a whale's corpse after it falls to the bottom of the sea. See all of your favorite deep-sea scavengers in puppet form! I mean you, polychaete worm!

[Via The Mary Sue]


Unbelievable. They put a huge amount of work into that; it's not a topic you'd expect to see in puppet theatre, and honestly, who's their target audience?

But - how can you possibly discuss a target audience when there's something so very beautiful that's been created? If all that mattered were creating things people already wanted, we'd have nothing new. And that video is definitely something both new and strange and beautiful.

Thank you for posting it.