Spend the next hour disco-dancing and watching Supertrain!

If you think today's television series are both brain-dead and stupendously high concept, then you haven't seen Supertrain. A weekly show about a nuclear-powered high-tech train zooming across the United States, it was intended to be like The Love Boat — except on a train! People fall in love, and occasionally the bullet train almost turns into a high-speed nuclear disaster on wheels. With lots and lots of disco! There's actually a discoteque on the train!


The entire pilot episode, "Express to Terror," is on YouTube, and the opening moments in which people cursorily debate the logistics of having a high-speed rail across the United States, are above.

I highly recommend Part 5 of the pilot, in which we get to see the discoteque on the train:

This show could have revolutionized transportation policy in the U.S. if it had been a hit. Just think!

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Disco and Science Fiction just don't mix. The only redeeming factor in this video is Ardala's costume.