Watch this octopus heave itself onto land and walk around

I wish there was some way I could hear what's going on inside the mind of this octopus. Do you think it wants to make friends, or is it doing its damnedest to strike terror into the hearts of the talkative onlookers that have gathered to observe it and comment on its every move?

Either way, the sight of an octopus clambering about on land is a sight to behold. Don't miss the gigantic crab he leaves behind at around 2:08 — again, is this a friendly gesture, or is the octopus simply showing these rubberneckers what it does with the bodies of its enemies?

[Spotted on BoingBoing]

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On the one hand, I was impressed (and relieved) that he knew exactly how to get back to the water after dumping off his crab. But ironically, where he dumped it is clearly a tidal area that will be under water again in a few hours. Makes it all the more inexplicable...