Was this insane kung fu battle the inspiration for Dhalsim from Street Fighter?

In the 1976 Chinese kung fu flick Master of the Flying Guillotine (which incidentally had a krautrock soundtrack), the protagonist — the One-Armed Boxer — squares off against Yoga Tro La Seng, a yoga master with the power to stretch out his limbs ridiculously. Yoga Tro La Seng also throws a bird at our hero, but that's (rather shockingly) less interesting in the grand scheme of things.


How does the fight end up? You'll just have to watch. Shades of a certain video game yoga master, anyone? This clip comes to us courtesy of the always entertaining Mr. Sardonicus, who last brought us the puppy chariot attack.

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Why doesn't your player show up half the time for me? Sometimes refreshing brings it up, but not always. It's like it isn't event there... I don't know m it may be something wrong with my computer, but it's still frustrating. Also, the log in doesn't always work... I seem to have to log in 5 times before it actually works.

Oddly, i just added this movie to my netflix queue last night. I'm going to get it after The Ref :)