Chemical dumping turns Chinese waterway into river of blood

No, this wasn't the work of Vigo the Carpathian or a bunch of overzealous Slayer fans. In the city of Luoyang, illegal manufacturing workshops dumped chemical dye in the Jian River. The dye turned the river an unpleasant shade of hemoglobin crimson. It's not clear what the health ramifications of this unholy mess will be, at least there's the cold comfort that the Earth hasn't punctured an aorta.


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This is part of the price people pay for capital chasing cheap labor and lax regulations around the globe. some one is paying the price in quality of life. "Not my problem, it's in China."

That was the US until those nasty regulation stopped it. Of course now their are fewer jobs in the US because we decided our workers shouldn't have to die to make things. Every time I hear some right winger whining about "too much regulation" or getting rid of the 'EPA" I'll think of this.

Is this what you want? No? Well how are you going to stop it?