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Celebrate Hanukkah with Conan O’Brien's Human Centipede Menorah

Illustration for article titled Celebrate Hanukkah with Conan O’Briens Human Centipede Menorah

Conan O'Brien is celebrating the Festival of Lights by stitching a bunch of poor souls together butt-to-face — thus creating the first ever Human Centipede Menorah. Watch the unveiling now.


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Kanojo No Carrera

Gee, I wonder how the casting for this went?

"Okay, you look like you qualify for the job. Now then, about the job description....your gonna be thrown into a zentai suit, made into a surrogate gimp, and then we'll "attach" you to the rear of another guy from behind all the while crawling onto national TV with a novelty candle stuck on your tramp stamp area. Your pay will be standard union rates BTW for each appearance."