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Pick the best Falling Skies photo caption — and send the winner to visit the set!

Illustration for article titled Pick the best emFalling Skies/em photo caption — and send the winner to visit the set!

Here it is — the final contest of wits and heart. Hundreds of you submitted your captions for our exclusive photo of Falling Skies season two. And now we've picked the ten best entries.


Now it's your turn to pick a winner — choose from among these ten selections, and the winning entry gets a free visit to the set of Falling Skies, to see first hand how our valiant freedom fighters are surviving the desperate fight against the alien marauders. Here are your choices:

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Le Sigh.. i know that IO9 wants to try and play above the board, but I remember there were some fantastic captions offered that didn't make this list that at least made me crack a smile.