And now, the mathematics of pasta shapes

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Have you ever wanted to know the mathematical formula for fusilli, or wondered about the geometric calculation for quadrefiore? Well wonder no more, for London architects Marco Guarnieri and George L. Legendre have written Pasta by Design.


The pasta-taxonomy is a culinary/mathematical mish-mash, featuring photographs of 92 pasta shapes; the mathematical equations that describe their peaks, valleys, swirls and saddle points; and loads of practical mealtime suggestions — like what kind of sauce to pair them with. Depending on your relationship with differential geometry, this book has the potential to either damage your relationship with pasta, or elevate it to unprecedented heights of delicious, geeky glory.

Read more about the mathematics of pasta shapes over at the NY Times. You'll find more pictures of pasta equations here.

Top image from Pasta by Design, via NYT


Corpore Metal

I want fractal pasta! Pasta that has infinitely many recursive, self-similar crannies for the marinara to cling to!