Sink your teeth into this charming indie zomcom, A Little Bit Zombie

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It's been a long time since a zombie movie has made us laugh. Zombieland was the last great zomcom, but perhaps the undead indie A Little Bit Zombie can make us laugh while the main character falls to pieces.


A Little Bit Zombie
Check out this cute little trailer for a bridezilla and her zombie groom. Fingers crossed he actually eats the rabbit. And yes, that is Nora from the US Being Human.

Black Sunrise
Here are two trailers for the latest endeavor of Nick Cross, the animator behind the thrilling shorts The Pig Farmer and The Waif of Persephone.

Titled Black Sunrise, the only thing we know about this project is what's in these trailers. Let us know if you can decipher what's going on (besides it being absolutely astounding to behold).



"ZomCom" is a genre now?