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Elderly future hipsters reminisce about the Internet's glory days

Once hipsters start collecting social security, how will all those ironic t-shirts and QR code tattoos hold up? Will the future elderly tell their grandchildren about their nebulous community manager jobs and funny cat videos? This video stares 50 years into the future, when aging hipster remember the golden age of the Internet.


This is actually a promotion for Social Media Week, next week's multi-city social media convention, but it's all worth it for the future version of the ill-advised Chinese character tattoo. There's also a Future Hipsters companion Tumblr, although that's less about people in the future than hipsters who happen to be old.

The one thing I don't buy about this video? No one's wearing ear plugs.

[via Laughing Squid]

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Corpore Metal

Hmm, so I guess medicine hasn't cured aging yet?

On the plus side at least they aren't all enslaved to robots!