This little boy and his drivable R2-D2 robot will make you misty-eyed

Seven-year-old Matthew Grammer, who is undergoing chemotherapy for acute lymphoblastic leukemia had a simple request to the Make-A-Wish Foundation — he wanted to become R2-D2.


Not Han. Not Luke. And certainly not Darth Vader. Matthew, wise beyond his years, wanted to become the plucky bucket droid who always saves the day. And with the help of the Foundation, his brothers, and an entire high school, Matthew's wish became reality. Explains Tulsa World:

Just when it seemed that Darth Vader would spell the end of Han Solo and a team of Jedi warriors, a 6-foot-tall R2D2 droid rolled onto the wooden gym floor at Bishop Kelley High School and defeated Vader as well as Darth Maul and several storm troopers [...] The Make-A-Wish Foundation of Oklahoma commissioned Little Mountain Productions of Tulsa to construct the driveable robot.

The prop and set design company also built another "Star Wars"-themed wish, a Millennium Falcon tree house, a few years ago, said Amy Ramsey, the foundation's wish coordinator [...] Matthew and his oldest brother, Ethan, are both big "Star Wars" fans, so in addition to Matthew's getting the larger-than-life-size R2D2, the students at Bishop Kelley also dressed up as "Star Wars" characters, learned music from the films' scores and wrote and performed a "Star Wars" skit during the pep rally.

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Now I want a cut of the saga that involves a giant Artoo mecha running over the bad guys with gleeful abandon — heartwarming and hilarious. Alright, everyone off the internet today. Nothing's going to top this.

Via Topless Robot/Photo Tulsa World.


Every now and then I read something and it gives me the confidence that maybe we're not doomed as a species. That perhaps even with all the filth and evil that flood this world there is still a small glimmer of hope.