Webcomic Boldly Gone follows an average Starfleet captain with a major case of Kirk-envy

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Not everyone can be Captain Kirk. While the corset-wearing flagship captain is off punching aliens and violating the Prime Directive, other captains are simply putting their noses to the grindstone and following the rules. Too bad that doesn't win them the adoration of the alien ladies — or Starfleet command.

Boldly Gone is Kevin Church's latest addition to his stable of Agreeable Comics, and his second collaboration with artist Ming Doyle, after the completion of their other scifi webcomic The Loneliest Astronauts. Boldly Gone reexamines the timeline of Star Trek's original series, from the point of view of a captain who is decidedly not James Kirk. Captain Paul Meredith is a guy who graduated 33rd in his Starfleet class, but still managed to land himself a command position aboard the USS Mandela. But despite his success with diplomatic negotiations, the top brass can't even remember his name. No, it's always James Kirk this, and James Kirk that. It's enough to give an ordinary guy a complex.

To add insult to injury, Meredith's bridge crew outclasses him both intellectually and in terms of career trajectory. His first officer is a brilliant Orion beauty who's sure to be captaining her own Enterprise someday, and his chief medical officer is a top xenobiologist, whose skills are likely much more in demand than his beleaguered captain's.


Boldly Gone is still in its earliest pages, but there's already a great deal of fun packed into those primary colored panels. Church obviously has a great deal of love for the Star Trek universe, and The Loneliest Astronauts showed off his and Doyle's talent for creating barb-tongued science fiction. It's going to be quite lovely watching Captain Meredith drive himself mad in a Kirk-loving quadrant.

Boldly Gone [Agreeable Comics]

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I think naming the loser captains ship "Mandela" is kinda offensive but this is a funny premise.