This fantastic fan film shows why we need a Static Shock movie

On the list of superhero movies that need to get made is the late Dwayne McDuffie's Static Shock. Fortunately, a group of Static fans have brought Dakota City to life, creating the short film Static Shock: Blackout, about the early days after the Big Bang.


Avenue G Productions made this fan film for around $5,000, and it serves as a neat introduction to the world of Static Shock as well as Richie, Frieda, Daisy Watkins, and Virgil himself. It's a loving tribute to McDuffie's characters, but it makes me long for a full-length Static Shock film. After all, we still need to see Virgil at home with his father and sister in between bouts of fighting crime.

Static Shock: Blackout [Facebook via The Mary Sue]


Erik Sofge

Some really cool moments in there. Would be so great to see an actual show based on these characters, since, like The Wire or the last season of Friday Night Lights it would be a real showcase for lots of black actors (as opposed to having one or two minorities on a given show) without it instantly getting the audience-killing label of being a "black show."

Plus, there's something really appealing about an inner city superhero story, in general. Really cuts out a lot of the generic cornball tone that weighs down stuff like The Cape and Heroes.