One of our favorite things about the current Flash show is how it’s embraced, and integrated, members of the cast of the short lived 90s Flash series. But what if instead of John Wesley Shipp being Barry’s dad, what if he showed up as his former self, the Scarlet Speedster himself? Well, let’s find out.


This is another excellent remix from Vulture and New York Magazine, superbly mixing footage from Jay Allen’s arrival on The Flash (and Barry’s battles with the Reverse Flash) and the classic John Wesley Shipp show to create some hostilities between the two incarnations of the Scarlet Speedster.

It works really well, even though we’ve had a season-and-a-bit of Shipp and Grant Gustin being awesome together as father and son. Seeing them duke it out, and getting a taste of Shipp’s Flash with the modern show’s effects magic is pretty great. If only we could see this on TV someday, too... although preferably as a Flash team up rather than a battle.

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