90s Actor + Giant Animal = Sci Fi Original

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If you're addicted to the Sci Fi Channel's made-for-TV movies about large creatures and the humans who chew scenery near them, then you're in luck. Next year, Sci Fi is making 36 original movies instead of the usual 24 — including prehistoric sharks, pirates and a version of National Treasure, only worse (if that's possible). Click through for what we have to look forward to, plus some of my favorite moments from original Sci Fi movies past. (Who could forget Bruce Campbell's Man With The Screaming Brain?)


Here's what you'll see when you're home on Saturday nights in 2009:

Malibu Shark Attack. Peta Wilson, the crazy blonde from La Femme Nikita, chases down giant prehistoric sharks that attack Malibu Beach.

What If? (a back-door pilot for a new series.) It starts when comet just misses Earth, but sets off a second ice age. The whole movie will be shot Cloverfield-style on cellphones and handy cams. And it may give rise to a whole mockumentary-ish series, because the shaky-cam will never die.

Relic Quest follows a group of scientist on a "quest" to search for the greatest artifacts in history, some of which have unknown powers.

Soul Advice (this is supposedly a working title... yuck.) NBC's resident psychic Allison Dubois (from Medium) leads a team of mind-readers and scientists. Together they use their science and mental powers to solve impossible crimes.

And here are some of our favorite moments from Sci Fi Channel original movies past:

The Man With The Screaming Brain:


Ice Spiders:

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I wold say that the solution to Malibu Shark Attack is to leave the water, but this is SciFi channel. The sharks will spawn four legs and chase you into really nasty tiki bars. (They'd never have the budget to reproduce nice nightclubs.)