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Watch this resourceful octopus make a mobile home out of a tin can

What a clever little cephalopod. Diver Robert Suntay recently captured this underwater footage of a pint-sized octopus schlepping a rusty can across the sea floor.


The whole scene is pretty adorable. This little bugger has clearly grown very attached to its can, and it's not about to let some nosy cameraman scoop up its brand new mobile home. This is made especially clear by the way the octopus slams the door (shell) in Suntay's face around 1:36. (Okay, so it's not really a slam, per se... it's more of a dramatic, if clumsy, slow-close. Either way, I'm sure it was VERY awkward for Suntay.)

It's not uncommon for octopuses to seek shelter in sea shells; in 2009, an octopus was actually spotted using coconut shells as portable armor, marking the first time scientists had ever observed tool use in an invertebrate species. Still, it's interesting to see the ways that nature adapts to all the foreign materials crap we throw at it.


See also: Robert's video of the robust ghost pipefish.



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It's not uncommon for octopuses to use man-made objects in unique ways, either. There's a species of octopus that prefers to make their lair in beer bottles - and not just any kind of beer bottle. They prefer brown glass instead of green or clear glass (presumably because of its opacity). It's not a bad set up when you don't have to worry about the whole spine thing to get in your front door.