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Reminder: Book Club Meeting 5/29 to Discuss Nick Harkaway's Angelmaker

Illustration for article titled Reminder: Book Club Meeting 5/29 to Discuss Nick Harkaways emAngelmaker/em

The io9 Book Club meets every month to discuss a book, and then the author usually joins us for a chat. This month, we're reading Nick Harkaway's novel Angelmaker (we reviewed the book here). We'll meet May 29th to discuss the book. Watch for a post that day announcing the book club, and jump into comments for discussion. There's still time to read the book, too, so get moving!


We're hoping Harkaway will join us later in the week for a discussion.

If you're wondering what this whole io9 Book Club thing is all about, you can visit our past meetings here.

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

As I said on the o-deck, this was the most fun book I've read in a long time. Highly recommended and if you are a reasonably quick reader you can still knock it off in 2 weeks. I am not the fastest reader but I read the last 200+ pages last weekend because it was so much fun.