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We Set Off Homemade Smoke Bombs — and Survive!

Does it give you pleasure to watch things burn? In this week's episode of the io9 show We Come from the Future, we set off homemade smoke bombs without burning ourselves or getting arrested. We also explain why we're disappointed by the new Dark Knight Rises trailer, and bring you the latest news from the future.


You can catch more episodes of the io9 Show on YouTube or Revision3. We're also on iTunes! Tune in every Friday for a giant dose of the future that will SET YOU ON FIRE.

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Question, and please forgive me if someone has already asked this before: Why is the video censored so that we cannot hear the swear words? I mean, lovely video, and I enjoy watching these every week. But it's a little distracting when the swear words are taken out. Otherwise, bravo. Another enjoyable episode.