9 clips from Tim Burton's Dark Shadows deliver great style and terrible jokes

We're still not sure what to make of Tim Burton's Dark Shadows. The costumes and sets are so gorgeous, we kind of want to smother ourselves in a wad of polyester out of sheer Michelle Pfeiffer necklace envy. It's just so beautiful. But the dialogue we've heard so far has been hit or miss, and the jokes are... strange. Check out nine different clips, and let us know what you make of this movie's tone. Can Johnny Depp charm his way out of this one? Our guess is yes, yes he can.

Dark Shadows will hit theaters on May 11th.

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That's a LOT less campy than the trailers looked. And oddly faithful to the original, as best as I can recall it after all these years. I'm slightly more willing to grudgingly see this than I was before.