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8-Bit Video Game Versions of Our Favorite Movies and TV Series

One of the particularly fun trends we’ve seen popping up around the internet is the 8-bit makeover, where an artist takes a popular TV or movie and reimagines it as a retro video game. The only problem is that now we’re sad these aren’t real games.


And yes, we know that these videos are not usually actually 8-bit, but are rather meant to evoke retro video games, including 8-bit games.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Guardians of the Galaxy

Blade Runner

Fight Club

Star Trek

The Avengers

Doctor Who RPG, tells the story of Season 5 and 6


A Clockwork Orange

Jurassic Park

Iron Man



The Matrix

The Hobbit

Pulp Fiction

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There already have been several 8bit Star Trek games. The only official ones I can remember off the top of my head though are Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator (Sega), which I’m counting because the arcade hardware’s main cpu was a z80

and Star Trek: Rebel Universe, because it came out on the C64 (as well as the ST & PC).