7 Terminator Clips, Including The Bale Vs. Worthington Face Off

We've got a slew of new robot-killing moments from Terminator Salvation. Hear baby Kyle Reese first say "Come with me if you want to live" — plus more Michael Ironside, which is always good.

What Are You Doing Here?


He's Not The Enemy

Im The Only Hope You Have


Come To My Base

Come With Me If You Want To Live

I'm John Connor

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Alvy Singer

It doesn't look that cool and considering Star Trek as the perfect blockbuster of the season (well acted, better written and with superb direction of JJ Abrams) this looks like another sea of boredom and seriousness. I hope that action will be cool at least because none of the characters look interesting, just Marcus Wright.

The third installment is a good one, a very underrated one. Mostow bring the Apocalypse and a great chase. It was a darker than T2 a very fukuyama-baudrillardian tale of a future war that never happened and plenty of hope (great action sequences, all remade from the first one but with TWO terminators, but more open to kids even the R-Rating).