7 new Falling Skies videos introduce the last humans left alive on Earth

We've got two new clips from Falling Skies, and a gaggle of character profiles that help flesh out the only human survivors on TNT's new alien attack drama.

Falling Skies tells the story of the aftermath of an alien invasion; It follows a group of survivors who must band together in order to fight back against the invading aliens. The group, known as the 2nd Mass, is led by history professor Tom Mason who, in search of his son, must put his extensive knowledge of military history to the test as one of the leaders of the resistance movement.


The series will air on June 19, 2011. First up are two clips, then a collection of profiles. Will you watch?

The Mason Family

Tom Mason



Anne Glass

Captain Weaver


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Corpore Metal

Still wondering over alien's motivations for occupation. That's really the key thing I need for disbelief to be willingly suspended.