7 minutes of super-creepy Star Trek: TNG test footage

It's not as funny as that Star Trek: The Next Generation blooper reel from a few weeks ago, but what this recently unearthed costume and make-up test footage lacks in humor in more than makes up for in creepiness, especially via its bizarre musical accompaniment. I don't want to spoil it for you, but in case you aren't mentally prepared to sit through seven minutes of TNG cast members standing silently in front of a camera while occasionally turning their heads, here are some of the highlights:


• Data/Brent Spiner in a variety of make-up and contacts
• Geordi/LeVar Burton with an absolutely insane hairstyle and mustache
• Geordi/LeVar Burton with an absolutely awesome yellow-and-green sweater
• Wesley/Wil Wheaton giving his best budding serial killer expression
• Picard/Patrick Stewart making generous love to the camera with his eyes
• A bevy of old men touching Riker/Jonathan Frakes' hair

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