7 Caprica Clips Reveal Cults, Human Copies, And A Robot Butler

See how Eric Stoltz and his rich Caprican family live in the lap of luxury in the futuristic city. Then check out Caprica's cults and sex clubs, in these seven clips from the BSG prequel.

The pilot episode will launch on DVD on April 21, but until then these clips will have to tide you over. I have to say, I'm really impressed with Paula Malcomson, who plays Amanda, the wife of computer genius Daniel Graystone. The robot butler is amazing, and so is the "other-world tennis," but Malcomson really shocks the hell out of you when she slaps her daughter Zoe square in the face.




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Am I the only one seriously annoyed by teenage girls? (It's obviously a generalization but you know what I mean)