This is how early modern manuscripts were meant to look. Especially when you consider that gifs are from the internet equivalent of the Middle Ages.

Hearts from Le livre du Coeur d'amour épris, a French manuscript from the 15th century

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An illustration from Livre appelé Decameron , aultrement surnommé le Prince Galeot, by Laurant de Premierfait and Giovanni Boccaccio, 15th century

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Playing on a lute, from Le livre des échecs amoureux moralisés, by Jacobus Magnus and Evrart de Conty, early 15th century

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Fighting people from Hans Talhoffer's Fechtbuch (Fighting Manual), which was made around 1467

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This disturbing thing from Le Livre des hystoires du Mirouer du monde, 15th century

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Dance of the Death, from La Danse macabre historiée, by Guy Marchant, 1486

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Butt-licking cat from Book of Hours, Lyon, around 1510

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A volvelle from Astronomicum Caesareum, by Peter Apian, 1540

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Dancing Monsters

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Bonus: The masterworks of Scorpion Dagger (James Kerr)

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