Who will be the big screen's next Sigourney Weaver? We've had a few years now without any great action movies starring women, but 2010 could be the year this changes. Here are six picks for the action heroines of tomorrow.

It's been a few years since Warner Bros. president Jeff Robinov allegedly said, "We are no longer doing movies with women in the lead," in the wake of huge flops starring Jodi Foster and Nicole Kidman. And sure enough, the past few years have been pretty light on female-led blockbusters. But this year, it seems like the groundwork is getting laid for some killer women in the cinema.


Check out the candidates, plus two veterans who are coming back to action-lead status this summer:

Zoe Saldana

Sure Zoe Saldana blew our minds, jumping from flower to flower with Jake Sully, praying after she kills Pandoran puppies, and finally battling the big power suit to defend her man. Plus she suffered no fools aboard Star Trek's Enterprise as Uhura. But up until now she's still been playing second fiddle to Kirk, Spock and James Cameron's jungle wilderness. That could be changing โ€” Saldana's next film, this Friday's The Losers, promises to show us a much deadlier side of Zoe. And pending on the films box office success, her cold-blooded killer character, Aisha al-Fadhil, could set her up as the next box office heroine.


Olivia Wilde

We've been singing Wilde's praises the second we heard she was cast in the Tron sequel. Because who else could kick Sam Flynn's ass in a lightcycle race? She established her greatness as House's Thirteen, a character who could easily goes head to head with the highly intimidating Hugh Laurie. Now she's Quorra, a program in Tron Legacy. And don't let those wedge boots fool you, if the glimpses in the trailer are to be believed, she certainly knows how to throw a mean disc. Tron Legacy will no doubt be massive, and we're banking it will launch her film career as a silver screen bad ass, as well. It may have already, since she's been cast to fight off aliens alongside Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig in Cowboys and Aliens.


Alice Braga

Alice Braga won our hearts when she did the hump-hump cut-cut dance with Jude Law in Repo Men. Who else could make slicing open your partner while feeling around inside his chest sexy? Now she's a rifle-toting black ops expert in Robert Rodriguez's Predators, named Isabelle. Did we mention she's the only woman on the team of men fighting off the alien foe? Plus if there's one thing Rodriguez likes to do, it's get behind bad-ass women. We're expecting many more gun-toting, machete-swinging moments from this one.


Chloe Moretz

If they retitled Kick-Ass Hit Girl, we bet it would have had a better opening weekend, based on this actress' word of mouth alone. Moretz is by far the star of that ultra-bloody film. She causes an uproar sticking blades in the backs of New York mobsters, as purple-haired vigilante Hit Girl. Plus her filthy little mouth doesn't hurt one bit. To the haters, we say Moretz's c-word greeting is the new "yippee ki yay mother fucker." And she's not done killing yet. Don't forget her next role as the murderous vampire in Let Me In. Moretz's on-screen body count shows no signs of slowing down.


Isabel Lucas

Still relatively unknown, or rather known as the girl with the metal tongue from Transformers 2, we were smitten with her the minute she started chomping on her own arm in the vampiric flick Daybreakers. She's young and not afraid to tackle the ridiculous action-packed roles that been put before her. Plus her next roll is takes-no-shit Erica in the Red Dawn, a film about a "group of teenagers look to save their town from an invasion of Chinese and Russian soldiers." And yes, there's plenty of death to go round in the original, so lets hope the remake follows suit for Lucas. Plus if that hasn't convinced you she's also starring as the mighty warrior God Athena in Immortals.


Adrianne Palicki

Palicki never quite crossed over from victim to vanquisher her in her role as the pregnant waitress in Legion, being attacked by God's army of angels, but she came close. We're hoping that this additional Red Dawn cast member gets her big break in this film as well, playing Toni, who was originally played by Jennifer Grey. I don't want to spoil the ending, but let's just say she gets the final say as far as how all the action goes down for her character. Wolverines!


Action Star Alumnae Who Can Help Spark The Insurgence:

And here are two women who have been AWOL for a while, but they're both making a comeback this summer as the stars of action movies. Maybe they'll help show the newcomers how it's done?


Angelina Jolie

Angelina is an established action hero already, with Tomb Raider and Mr. And Mrs. Smith. But her latest film Salt, which was originally written for Tom Cruise, is the first time she's starred in an action movie in half a decade. (She was an awesome co-star in Wanted.) Let's hope her return to the spy genre proves once and for all that the right female star can carry a slodey film.


Milla Jovovich

There is no doubt Jovovich's new Resident Evil film will burn down the house, with outrageous murders, gun fights, and face kicks. Will it be a massive hit? No โ€” the RE films never are. But what the character Alice does offer is a boot to the gut of any person that says women can't be action stars.