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More Watchmen clips are being scattered across the internet, displaying not just the slow-mo fighting that we saw earlier this week, but Carla Gugino clips, more Dr. Manhattan, and Comedian calamity.


Collider was kind enough to round up the clips from Watchmen that we haven't seen yet, and some of them are pretty fantastic. Well, anything with Carla Gugino in it has me sold. Watch Sally Jupiter wax nostalgic about the heroic glory days, and see the last few seconds of Jon Osterman's life with the blue genius' bestie (and adorable nerd) Wally Weaver.

Carla Gugino I Love You:


The Comedian Is A Total Bully:

The Comedian Shakes His Groove Thang:

Society's Only Protection:

The Making Of Doctor Manhattan:


Superman Exists And He Is American:

Watchmen will be in theaters March 6.

[Via Collider]


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