6 clips from Seth Green's new Star Wars series help us decide: fun or a flop?

Last week the Star Wars Detours trailer premiered to outcries of delight and horror. Personally, we still stand by the fact that this is a children's program backed by the folks at Robot Chicken — a show that tends to respect the Star Wars world — so we remain hopefully optimistic.

And this crop of newly released clips seems to solidify our "cute" stance when it comes to Star Wars Detours. Sure, some of the jokes crash, but we still love Seth MacFarlane's Emperor and Breckin Meyer and Donald Fiason as the stormtroopers. Plus, any show that makes fun of Padmé Amidala's taste in men is aces in our book.

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Erik Sofge

This is 100 percent for kids. Let's move right along, yes? Surely there's a constellation of blogs devoted to totally regular Spongebob-ish children's entertainment.