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6 Clips from "Fantastic Mr. Fox" Pit Badger Bill Murray Against Foxy George Clooney

Illustration for article titled 6 Clips from Fantastic Mr. Fox Pit Badger Bill Murray Against Foxy George Clooney

It's about time Wes Anderson put his whimsical outlook on the world into animation. It fits like an awkward yellow-hued glove. Check out these clip of Anderson's usual suspects — Owen Wilson, Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman — going furry.


Cussing Badger Bill Murray

Who Am I?


We Look Good, Personal Fav Clip!

Whack Bat Rules, Thanks owen Wilson

Thinking Is Happening

Wes Anderson Talks Dahl's Books


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Little Time Bomb

I was looking forward to this until Wes Anderson signed the darn free Roman Polanski petition. I wont be seeing it now, I just can't. #thefantasticmrfox