Many of our favorite superheroes are wealthy, sponsored by the government, or otherwise manage to scrape together the funds to keep up their crime-fighting lifestyles. But what if superheroes instead took on corporate sponsorships, bearing the colors and logo of whichever company paid their way? Would city-shattering battles turn into scenes of corporate warfare?

That's the question that Roberto Vergati Santos invites with his Sponsored Heroes series. Santos takes images of familiar superheroes from movies, television, and comics, and assigns each one a brand. It's a simple execution, but one that forces us to contemplate how easy it could be to see superpowered folks sporting Adidas exclusively or earning a little extra income from Red Bull. What happens when superheroes stop fighting for the American way and start fighting for the American corporation?

Check out the entire series at Behance.

Sponsored Heroes [Roberto Vergati Santos via Twisted Sifter]